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Lots done, lots to do

Well, at church the other night, there was this student in my class. She's a very good student; others have trusted her with leadership before, I have in the past as well. But I've noticed lately, she's not herself. I think she's depressed.

So I called the church counselor. He wouldn't tell me that she was already seeing him, at least at first. I pressed him hard enough and he finally told me. It didn't make any difference, as I'd already asked all her friends one by one. I've tried to talk with her a couple of times, but she really doesn't want to talk to me -- so something must be really wrong, because I can help her. After all, it's her that I'm concerned about.

But I have to call him again today. First, I have some theories as to what may be wrong and he needs to hear them. Second, the DVD player is missing from our classroom. I've already talked with everyone else and they agree, she's the only who could've done it. She has been acting really weird lately. And oh, someone broke one of the windows on the far side of the church last month. I know she was on vacation -- but, I bet she did that two. I'll have to remember to mention that.

I also think I'm going to sit down with the senior pastor today. If he's not involved yet, he needs to be. Besides, she's acting so weird I don't want him to hear anything about me from her. I'll make sure he gets my side of the story.

I heard this morning that she's had the flu or something, too. One of the other students in my class said she spent the night in the hospital -- and that it's probably something worse than the flu. I'm going to suggest to the pastor that she bring in test results from her doctor so we know that she doesn't have something dangerous. We can't have stuff like that in the church. We have a couple of doctors in the congregation, maybe they could do it for her so we'd have access to the information for sure. It's her I'm concerned about.


Okay, so I made all that up. But I had lots of material to draw from. Though, I'm glad its my tactics that are continually questioned. I know, I know, It doesn't really make sense that those in the wrong should be held accountable. To hell with the LTC, right? It is, after all, a document of convenience and public relations. I just expected more from Taylor and its people. I am a fool.