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I'm okay

I appreciate the concern in the e-mails some of you have sent. But I'm okay. Rather than respond to each one, I decided to let you all know at once. I didn't make the decisions I have expecting a smooth ride, nor did I expect no criticism. I can deal with it. I have dealt with it. I've grown especially used to it in regard to Taylor. I say it over and over again, but this is the reason people remain silent. They don't wan to deal with things like this.

I get it at work, too. We have public jobs, and the public is very vocal about what they like and what they don't like. I've gotten e-mails complaining about everything from my hair to the color of my eyes on camera (they're too blue and they're distracting). Or my red Columbia coat is too expensive and I set a bad example for people by wearing it on the sidelines at football games (there are better things to spend our money on). Or, God forbid we make a mistake. Even if we correct it, it doesn't matter. I cover a lot of public and community events, if I don't give everyone the space they feel they deserve, I get all kinds of things said about me. I've even had classified sales people at my own company complain about me because I did stories on their friends. Once, an elementary school teacher called me a terrorist because I took pictures of his school (which was being shut down).

Criticism is a way of my life. I'll be okay, but thanks for your concern.