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TU-Obligation receives high profile link

I noticed the page view counter has jumped by a couple thousand in just about an hour. A little investigation finds a high profile link on Metafilter. Seriously, it's sent like 3,000 4,000 5,500 7,500 visitors here in just a short amount of time about a day's time. (UPDATE: I've recieved multiple e-mails from people expressing outrage and advice, there's a new link on another blog here, and Metafilter linked directly to this post).

It's interesting though, watching a lot of people talk about whether or not you contracted and STD. But I knew that a lot of disclosure would be required if I really wanted to see change happen at Taylor. The petition, at this point, only has 10 signatures on it. I say thank you, to those nine other people. For whatever reason you signed -- it's nice to feel again, some solidarity with people connected to Taylor -- the same that I felt before my junior year.

There were a couple questions posed in the comments at Metafilter. I don't know what people still believe about my health. I didn't make it a point to track down anyone and tell them, unless they asked. Most people still believe I vandalized a building and stole some camera's, too.

I've also tried not to think a lot about the number of people who heard that rumor. Stuff like that goes like wild fire at Taylor. Once, a group of people were talking about a YC small group leader who was arrested for stealing a road sign -- after the police saw him and his students with it. The group talking about him, some of them faculty, asked me what I knew. When I said I couldn't talk about it out of respect for the kid who was arrested, they fround, turned to each other and continued talking about him.

Christians can be horrible to each other.