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Taylor Salaries

These salaries may very well be deserved and commensurate with the employee's experiences and services to the University. I make no judgement on that. What's striking to me, is that almost all of these employees have larger benefit / derferred compensation packages than I owe on student loans or will report as income on my tax return this year. Here is what Taylor paid its officers in 2002:

  • David Gyertson, President:
    $152,500 / $39,710 benefit package, has expense account
  • Daryl Yost, Provost & Executive VP:
    $170,558 / $38,345 bp, has expense account
  • Dwight Jessup, VP Academic Affairs:
    $97,000 / $28,798 bp, has expense account
  • Harold Hazen, VP University Adcancement:
    $97,000 / 28,978 bp, has expense account
  • Wynn Lembright, VP Student Affiars:
    $81,000 / $25,653 bp, has expense account
  • Ron Sutherland, VP Business & Finance:
    $85,575 / $26,553 bp, has expense account
  • Steve Bedi, VP Administration and Planning:
    $85,575 / $26, 552 bp, has expense account
These were the top 5 paid non-officers:
  • Henry Voss, Prof. & Director Science Reasearch and Trainging:
    $98,515 / $24,003 bp, has expense account
  • Paul Patterson, Prof & Coach, & Basketball Camp Director:
    $96,158 / $23,988 bp, has expense account
  • Roger Jenkinson, Professor:
    $71,858 / $21,963 bp, has expense account
  • Jessica Rousselow-Winquist, Professor:
    $69,548 / $22,528 bp, has expense account
  • Charlotte Binkley, Manager, WBCL:
    $68,541 / $23,224 bp, has expense account
The only two women on the list are also the bottom earners amongst the top-paid employees. Another interesting thing that came up in my research: In 1999, Terry Wise (who I assume is a man), then VP for CLL, made $32,786. The next year, he made $75,065. That's nearly a 130 percent increase over his original salary. The next year, 2001, he received $80,125. He was gone by 2002 and they list no officer for CLL that year.

All but very few of the people above lived and/or live in Upland, Ind., Grant County (2 lived in Ft. Wayne, I believe, 1 in Hartford City). In 2002, an average household of about three people (with probably more than one income) earned, on average, about $42,000 in Upland. That average is no doubt kicked up by our six-figure friends above, as Upland is a very small town.

Dr. Gyertson is required to live in University housing and isn't charged for its use. The school's functional budget doesn't have a specific line item to cover the expense accounts of the employee's listed, but in 2002 it did list a total of $545,239 as entertainment / meals expenses. More than $1.2 million was paid for travel and over $5.6 million is simply listed as "other expenses." The university spent a total of $51.4 million in 2002, 16 of which went to employee salaries. Program service revenues brought in $45.3 million; program service expenses were $40.6 million.

2003 information should be available soon.


Blogger Annie said...

do you have an info on what other profs make at taylor? also, where did you get this info?

November 2, 2004 at 5:05 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

I only have information on the top five paid employees, excluding the officers, and Taylor's required to release it. The information comes from Taylor's 990 form, which they are required to file. You can find their forms here:

November 2, 2004 at 5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing, that some of those people are well into the six-figure range when students leave Taylor every semester because between themselves, and normally two working parents, excessive loans and nominal grants/scholarships, they can't afford Taylor's tuition.

November 3, 2004 at 9:47 AM  

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