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Taylor keeps more records secret

I've made two requests to Taylor to inspect and copy the records created by the counseling center. They've ignored both. That's interesting to me, because Indiana law says:

"The information contained in the mental health record belongs to the patient involved as well as to the provider. ... A patient is entitled to inspect and copy the patient's own mental health record." Indiana Code 16-39-2, et seq.
I wonder why Taylor has ignored me? What's in those records that they don't want me to see? Or could it be, because they don't want to admitt that they've actually lost my records?

I can't confirm it, since Taylor won't officially admitt it. I've been doing everything possible to confirm it, but Taylor is uncooperative. Those records contain not only highly sensitive and personal information, but personal identifiers as well (as I recall, my SSN is used on the intake form). I need to know if the records are safely in their posession or not, otherwise, there are legal steps that I have to take to protect myself. But without Taylor's cooperation, I can't.

Why do I believe the files are missing? Simply, because I was told they were. Mind you, I was told long after they were likely discovered missing. You'd think this would be the type of thing a client needs to know and needs to know immediately. But not at Taylor. Apparently, Walt Campbell ordered that I not be told. Although, when I asked Walt if he knew anything about my file and if it was really missing -- he shook his head, turned away and said "this is the first I've heard about that."

Maybe my file is secure in their posession and not in the hands of some stalker. Either way, someone at Taylor is lying.

No wonder they won't answer my requests for access.