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Petition (final draft)

UPDATE: The petition is online as of 10 p.m. EST. The final text is below, and you can sign at

We, alumni, students, and other friends of Taylor University, ask the Taylor University Board of Trustees, Taylor University President David Gyertson and the student development / residence life staff of Taylor University to create a Student Advocacy Center.

The center will be dedicated to protecting the rights of students on Taylor’s campus; it will help students deal with problems ranging from conflicts with professors / staff, judicial affairs, academic complaints, student accounts, registration, financial aid and campus housing, etc.

A Student Advocacy Center is necessary because of a wide-spread, but rarely dealt with problem on Taylor’s campus. Though it is an institution ostensibly run by Christian principles, students have been subjected to verbal, emotional and spiritual abuse by some in authority, egregious violations of their right to privacy and general disrespect of their personhood.

Because of Taylor’s small size, the unbending loyalty that exists between its the staff and a climate that makes it extremely difficult to speak out – students have no recourse to defend themselves and no where to turn for help. A Student Advocacy Center is desperately need to ensure that the past doesn't repeat itself at Taylor University.

Now, we need to start working on a detailed proposal to present with the petition once it has enough signatures.