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I wasn't on campus my senior year, but I had enough credits to eat at the Grille all through my junior year -- and I did.

One day, I was sitting in the union a table away from two female hall directors (neither are still at Taylor, to my knowledge). They didn't know who I was -- or at least, what I looked like. I listened, catching bits and pieces of their conversation, what they were saying -- about me.

It was mostly in the context of Youth Conference, so I had little doubt about where they got their information -- highly personal, speculative information -- that seemed to lead them to a conclusion that I shouldn't be working with Youth Conference (more to come on YC later).

It sent chills down my spine, and it still does. It seem that there's some kind of mentality that violating a person's right to privacy and gossiping is okay amongst some of the student development staff at Taylor -- as though they have a right and obligation to share things about their students with each other that they probably shouldn't know themselves. I would just like to know what basis of reasoning has brought them to this idea.