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Clarification: Registration

This started about the time that the YC ordeal was ending. Registration, as I recall, occurred by May 1st for the follwing Fall. At any rate, I needed to register one class for the summer and one internship for that fall.

When I went to register, I was told that I could register for the summer class, but that I couldn't register for my fall internship until I actually secured a letter of emloyment. I told them that most employers were just now finalizing there summer internships, and they wouldn't be dealing with the fall until probably later July -- August. I was told that would be fine, I could come in and register any time.

July of that year, I receive an e-mail from the registrar, saying that since I hadn't registered for the Fall, my status as a student was cancelled. I immediately contacted them, but was told there was nothing they could do. I would have to go through a re-admitt process to register, once I secured an internship.

No amount of logic in this situation would prevail. This was *the policy* and at a school as "big" as Taylor there could be no exceptions. I hadn't been this dumbfounded by such nonsense before. It was literally a perplexing situation to me. Their rules prevented me from registering, but I was being punished for not following their other rules (which I couldn't). I don't know why I expected any logical discourse or for Taylor to work through the situation with me.

Next on the list was the situation with Donna Downs, which I detail here.