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Clarification: After Taylor

Here's my best recollection o fthe things that happened after Taylor. After learning about this, and this and the extent to which such things ocurred, I used the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act to request records from several people on Taylor's campus. This was July 2003.

I also at the same time, requested police reports from the Office of Campus Safety, under Indiana's Access to Public Records Act. Taylor released the e-mails, but denied the request for police records. I filed a complaint with the Pubilc Access Counselor asking for an advisory opinion. His opinion was that no legal violation ocurred. But he was wrong, and his opinion has no legal force. The issue of records access is ongoing.

I made several other request for access to more of my education records, which Taylor ignored. I made request for access to the campus police log, under the Clery act, which Taylor ignored. I wrote letters informing the administration of the things I've detailed on this blog, I was ignored. I demonstrated that I was legally entitled to inspect Taylor's comprehensive evaluation by the NCA, and instead they passed off to me a statement of affiliation (and probably believe I've been fooled into thinking they complied with the law).

I've made two requests to access my counseling center files, as I'm entitled to under the law, and Taylor has ignored both. I requested medical files from the health center, and I've been ignored. Gaining access to these particular records is an ongoing issue, as well.

I've requested to speak with people on campus regarding the incidents I've described, specifically Bob Neideck. My request has been ignored.

In light of all this, and their desire to fight me on accessing information at every possible turn, I threatened to file a lawsuit -- in hopes that I would not only gain information but that they would stop ignoring me and attempt to work this through. They refused any attempt at settlement and barred me from contact with the university and issued a criminal trespass order to keep me off the campus.

A year after requesting the initial records, I sent a letter to the trustees. Through my research, I discovered that the trustees were generally not only unaware of what happened to me, but that I had ever threatened to sue. In my letter, I asked them to investigate -- but they refused.

As a last resort, I requested a hearing under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and that's where we stand today.