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The Church or Academia?

Where does Taylor's real problems lie? Is the way it treats some of its students a symptom of the toxic churches and legalistic Christianity or of a decaying system of higher education in which schools are given overwhemling and unreasonable control over their students?

Probably both -- and that makes it worse. Many schools treat their students the way I was treated at Taylor; but the guilty at Taylor believe they were doing it in the name of God.

This creates an arrogance that most secular schools don't have. Taylor employees don't make mistakes like this, because they're Taylor employees. They don't treat people poorly because they work for Taylor. The school's reputation, however deserved or undeserved, preceeds it -- and it speaks all we should want to know. Nothing that I say here could be true, because I say it happened at Taylor. And if it is true, I'm exaggerating, because, after all, we're talking about Taylor. Things like this don't happen at Taylor.

This arragance is visible in the church at large and Taylor has inherited it. But then, they've inherited a cancer permeating secular schools across the country: the denial of due process.

Maybe, Taylor's taken to denying due process because of that arrogance passed down from the church. The employees are older than the students, charged with doing God's work, so they know best, right? They can do whatever they want.

At Taylor, I've been tried, convicted and punished without knowing most of my "crimes" or being given the chance to mount a defense. It was done around me, in secret. That's cowardice.

But they don't believe they've done anything wrong. In their eyes, I'm more wrong for speaking out. I've been called bitter and angry by at least one person here. I've been told to just "pray" about it, because obviously I haven't been for the past two years -- or I wouldn't feel the way I do.

Silence is an enemy here.