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Anonymous signer defaces petition

"Well, I watched the Incredibles, and couldn't help but recognize how Justin felt like he was being abused...much like Syndrome. So, Syndrome builds a vast empire and tries to be a hero for others after he has been hurt. Justin has been hurt and it seems like he's trying to cover up his feelings with power and money. Oh yeah, don't forget that you're supposed to love the brotherhood. Think about that one."
Well, this is a first. I've never been compared to a cartoon character before. I'm going to ignore the psycho babble overtones in that message and note that though the person who posted this on the petition (as opposed to the comments) hoped they could avoid my ascertaining their identity, it really didn't work.

My feelings aren't being covered up. I've been quite vocal about my feelings -- and if I need to do so more, I can. I have a lot more to talk about. A lot more details to divulge. I'm being generous, conservative and merciful right now. I hope no one tries to make me regret that.

Now, though, this person didn't use their real name, and in turn, did deface the petition, so -- should the signature be removed?