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Alumnus gives his 'take' in forum

I've been thinking about this one most of the day. I respect and appreciate Evan's decision to chop the post, because it deserved it. But I don't want to hide from criticism, and I want to be as transparent as I can. So I'm posting some of the parts of Tom Klein's post (now a grad student at Purdue, originally from Michigan I believe) from the alumni forum. It's fairly indicitive of what I've encountered in trying to stand up to Taylor. I couldn't give you a better example of the hostility and defensivness that comes out of disagreeing with the school.

"... I believe that Justin honestly believes that he was wronged. I also believe that he has handled this situation very poorly and has blown it way out of proportion.

Justin seems to want to make this dispute as public as possible. He sent me an email claiming that Taylor went to the press and he did not, but I find that hard to believe. Every article I have read about this has contained numerous statements from Justin and his people with Taylor refusing to comment. ...

I also find it hard to believe that someone held Justin down and forcably took his blood. It seems Taylor had some concerns about his health and insisted he take a blood test, and he consented in protest. The fact that rumors spread is unsurprising.

The rest of his complaints seem to be Justin failing to get the registration forms in on time and Justin failing to make sure the paperwork for his internship got to the right people in a timely manner. Justin is upset because Taylor didn't make an exception for him. This is not an uncommon complaint.

Justin also is alleging that Taylor disclosed his counseling information. Yet Justin doesn't seem to know what if any information was disclosed.

Now the dispute is that Taylor isn't giving Justin documents that Taylor does not feel it has an obligation to give him. And Taylor has a very solid legal argument as to why it has no obligation to give him the documents. The way Justin has handled this situation, I don't blame Taylor for not cooperating with him.

Admittedly, I don't have the full story. All I have is Justin's side of the story. That is because Justin is the one giving statements to the press and putting up websites.

... I think the focus should be on how the Center would help students in the future and not on how Justin can seek more publicity for his complaints.

Annie did a great job of responding to his post in the forum, though I'm not sure if she saw the whole post or the excised version. I don't have much more to say about it. I present what happened, you're all quite free to make your own judgements. And just like Tom, in the grand Christian spirit of reconciliation I'm criticized for not having, most of you do. I don't mean to sound negative, but this is generally a negative experience.

I could move on, rather than take continued abuse like this. But I'm not doing this for myself. No amount of "power" or "money" (thanks Syndrome, who's signature has now been invalidated) is going to fix the damage I've suffered. Knowing that I can help stop it from happening to others will bring some peace, though.

UPDATE: I went back and snagged this, too -- just so we all understand Tom's opinion of me from the get go (again, from the alumni forum):
I get three distinct impressions about this guy. That he:

1. Is paranoid
2. Is suffering from delusions of granduer
3. Has way too much time on his hands.
That's all for now.