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The allegation: Vandalism

This is probably the one that puzzles me the most. But before we get into it, you need to know that 1) These accusations have never been brought to me. They've been mounted in secret to everyone around me; I know of them only because of the e-mails and a few friends. 2) I've never been given a chance to defend myself; the university has blocked my attempts to do so. 3) In the years since they've levied these allegations, irreprably damaging my reputation, they've made no move to file any criminal complaints. They haven't done so because they know they have no evidence -- just the mal intentions of a few embittered, jealous professors and students.

So, the vandalism. I have no real idea what was vandalized. Taylor has fought releasing any incident reports from their police, so I can't even confirm when the vandalism ocurred. My guess is they've realized that the incident reports reveal what Jan Pletcher probably already knew when she and others levied these allegations -- I was no where near campus when the alleged vandalism ocurred. But that's just my guess.

When I returned for J-term (having been in Washington, D.C. for a semester) I noticed that several nameplates were missing from the doors of professors in Rupp Communication Arts Center. This could be the *vandalism* they were referring to. However, the missing nameplates were already replaced with printed cards by the time I got there -- the FIRST DAY CAMPUS BUILDINGS WERE OPEN. At that time, I had no keys to access any building but my residence hall.

If this is the vandalism they were referring to, then Taylor should release the campus police reports so that I can once and for all prove that I didn't do it. If it's not, then I have a right to know what I'm accused of.

One person, my counselor (again in a display of disresepct for my privacy rights) told me that he had been told about vandalism to a campus building, but didn't know anymore. He brought this up in the context of all the things people in the administration were telling him. I asked him if they (adminstration) thought I did that, too (in addition to other things I'd been accused of). He said he didn't know. But, he said long after receiving Jan Pletcher's e-mail. He clearly did know. That was a crushing blow to what confidence I had left in him, too.


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